Terms & Conditions

Our company, AROBS Transilvania Software S.A. (headquarters Romania, Cluj-Napoca, RO11291045, J12/1845/1998, social capital: 100.000 lei), provides the TrackGPS fleet management system based on this agreement regarding the terms and conditions of service provision.

The accuracy of the positioning on the map of the monitored vehicle is determined by the quality of the GPS signal, the margin of error being 5-10 minutes under the conditions of a good GPS signal. If the GPS signal is very weak or totally non-existent as it happens when the monitored vehicles is in a tunnel, garage, covered parking lot etc. the localization becomes impossible to achieve.

Real-time data transmission is influenced by the GSM operator’s GPRS infrastructure (Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote), GSM signal quality, roaming agreements concluded with operators from other countries and their infrastructure. In areas without GSM signal, the data is stored and retransmitted when entering an area with GSM signal.

The comparison between the number of kilometers recorded by the GPS device and the kilometres displayed on the car’s trip computer has no relevance because different methods of calculating these kilometres are used and each of the has a different margin of error.

The TrackGPS system can generate an estimated fuel consumption value for vehicles that do not allow the installation of devices or are not being equipped with other devices for reading the fuel consumption from car’s trip computer or the data recorded by the fuel sensor.

This value is calculated by a complex algorithm that considers the vehicle’s travel speed recorded by the GPS device, but also the data saved by you in Vehicle Management section. Being an estimated value, there may be differences between the fuel consumption value displayed in the application and the real data.

Maps in the TrackGPS app are permanently updated with field data by AROBS specialists, but there may be segments or street names that are not updated.

AROBS does not assume responsibility for any malfunctions caused by external factors such as:

  1. GPS signal jamming equipment that could be used by drivers;
  2. poor internet connection that can influence the app response time;
  3. GSM network malfunction or downtime;
  4. intentional sabotage of GPS devices by drivers or other employees.

We reserve the right to permanently improve the app, to change the structure and interface of any page of the TrackGPS application without any individual or general prior notification.

Updating of the information will not affect your activity.

If you encounter problems or non-compliances when using the application please contact us within 48 hours by email at: [email protected].

When using our application you must take into account the following:


Our company owns proprietary rights, including intellectual property rights with regard to the content of the TrackGPS application (e.g. text, images, logo) or other rights of use, as appropriate; copyright are protected by specific legislation (there are repercussions of a civil/criminal nature), so that the reproduction (or any processing operation) of any content present in our app requires our written consent.

The TrackGPS logo can not be used without our consent.


We assume no liability for material or moral damages resulting from your use of our app as a result of various causes (e.g. errors, omissions, data effects collected/data analysed, etc). If there is content that can be downloaded by users, we are not responsible for possible virus infections that may occur during downloading.