A profitable business in the field of road haulage requires efficient fleet management. Safe delivery of goods in due time, the quality of services and low operating costs are key factors in the success of your business.

With TrackGPS you have now the possibility to manage your fleet in such a way as to increase your productivity while reducing the operating costs.

Real-time monitoring of each vehicle’s route and location offers you the possibility to enhance your route planning, resulting in delivery of goods in due time.

Monitoring each driver’s behaviour allows you to have greater control over the way the vehicles are operated and, by default, helps in reducing the maintenance costs.

With Mobile TrackGPS app, you can easily text your driver with important information related to a transport order, unpredictable events or any other type of notification. The driver can reply to your messages directly from the application.

Unreasonable fuel consumption or fuel loss will no longer be a problem for you. TrackGPS solution provides you with continuous monitoring of the fuel consumption by means of real-time analysis of the fuel pumping.

Using TrackGPS, you will always be informed, you will be able to improve the activity of your fleet by reducing costs and growing productivity based on accurate data.


  • Safe drive

    VIII. Provide fleet drivers’ safety using the assisted defensive driving.

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  • Winter Operations

    TrackGPS has developed a high-performance management solution for snow clearing operations.

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  • Tacho reader

    Remote download tachograph data and set notifications, just a few clicks away.

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  • Secure Transport

    Feature for real-time vehicle tracking, generating special reports and setting alarms or notifications.

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  • Controlled temperature and humidity

    Feature for temperature monitoring and strict control over cargo transportation environment.

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  • Semitrailer monitoring

    Feature that allows you to monitor the closing/opening of the semitrailer’s loading even when it is uncoupled from the tractor and is not connected to a permanent power supply.

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  • Car sharing

    Feature for efficient fleet management for companies that have a few tens or hundreds of vehicles used by multiple users.

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  • Driver Identification

    Recommended feature for companies where a vehicle is used by several employees or an employee uses several vehicles in carrying out his daily activities.

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  • Driver communication

    Good communication between dispatcher/fleet manager and drivers using TrackGPS Communicator.

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  • eToll

    Automatic payment of the road tax in Hungary using HU-GO platform.

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  • CAN reading

    Board computer data real time tracking.

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  • Driver behaviour

    Driver behaviour real time monitoring.

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  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring

    Permanent record of fuel consumption level.

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  • Basic tracking

    Basic TrackGPS feature has been designed to cover your fleet’s essential GPS tracking needs.

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