Cars provide fast and efficient transportation. Efficient fleet monitoring and management is mandatory when it comes to productivity and business success.

Location of each car, driver behaviour and communication, fuel consumption level, maintenance of vehicles are just few of the challenges that the manager of such fleet faces daily.

TrackGPS features are ideal for this type of vehicles as it offers you the possibility to address these challenges and at the same time, to lower the costs.


  • Basic tracking

    Basic TrackGPS feature has been designed to cover your fleet’s essential GPS tracking needs.

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  • Driver behaviour

    Driver behaviour real time monitoring.

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  • Driver communication

    Good communication between dispatcher/fleet manager and drivers using TrackGPS Communicator.

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  • Driver Identification

    Recommended feature for companies where a vehicle is used by several employees or an employee uses several vehicles in carrying out his daily activities.

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  • Safe drive

    VIII. Provide fleet drivers’ safety using the assisted defensive driving.

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