Semitrailer monitoring

Semitrailer monitoring represents a very important aspect taking into consideration assets safety. This feature allows you to monitor the closing/opening of the semitrailer even when it is uncoupled from the tractor and it is not connected to a permanent power supply.

In order to implement this feature, you need to install magnetic door sensors and specific GPS units that have more powerful internal batteries. This equipment is waterproof and has additional autonomy for the periods of time when the semitrailer is detached from the tractor.

Magnetic sensors are designed to record all door opening and closing operations, thus providing the fleet manager the necessary tools to identify any unfortunate event, such as theft.

In addition, the application offers a complete record of all operations of coupling and uncoupling from the tractor, therefore any unauthorized operation shall be identified.

Using TrackGPS semitrailer tracking feature, you can monitor the trailer without being permanently coupled to the tractor and you have assets control.

Access to critical, real-time information on your semitrailers

Provides assets safety and quality

Triggers alarms on any unauthorised door opening

No need to be coupled to the tractor

Control on the environment of the assets’ transportation

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Semitrailer monitoring feature allows long term monitoring without the requirement of being attached to a tractor.