Driver communication

Whether it is about receiving a transport order, transmitting important information or even an emergency, fleet manager – driver communication is vital in this field.

Driver Communication feature is made up of 2 components:

  • TrackGPS Communicator – a mobile application, developed for Android tablets/phones used by drivers.
  • Dispatching unit within TrackGPS web platform – fleet managers may undertake all actions listed above.

This way, an efficient two-way communication between fleet manager and drivers is established.

Using the application, you can send information or notifications to a single driver or to all those who use the application. Driver is able to respond to incoming messages from the fleet manager. Moreover, driver may choose one single vehicle for which he can receive and send messages, regardless of the number of vehicles that he has been previously assigned.

Communication is essential in a company that owns several vehicles, therefore TrackGPS offers you the possibility of real-time driver communication.

Real-time communication with the driver

Increase productivity with up to 40%

Shorter time of receiving a transport order

Choose the right solution for you and set up the price offer!

TrackGPS is easy to use and requires the installation of a tablet/smartphone on board of the vehicle, as well as GPRS 3G/4G activation in order to send/receive messages and share files.