A new interface, 4 websites, 14 fleet management solutions, 10 industries, over 10 years of experience, app offered in 6 languages, over 100 generated reports and a team of professionals.

TrackGPS is a complete fleet management solution. It facilitates the generation of reports and analyses, allowing the number of vehicles to be expanded, and your business to become scalable. You can manage your fleet from desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Calculate the economy you can get!

Two continents. 4 countries. Customized solutions and specific reports

The TrackGPS system is successfully implemented in Europe and Asia.

We facilitated communication between us and potential customers/current customers, by creating 4 websites, in: Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Hungary and Indonesia, so that users can easily access a functional platform in an accessible language for informational purposes, to calculate the economy they can make or to personalize a service according to the needs of the company.

With a new appearance, a clean and intuitive design, we relaunch 4 platforms that offer a unified experience. Now you surf much easier and see the services we offer internationally, under the umbrella of the same brand.

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Web and mobile app for Android and iOS

Facilitates the generation of automatic reports, as well as complex analyses related to the activity of monitored vehicles. Provides access to information from anywhere and anytime from your own devices, allowing tracking of vehicles by locating them on the Google maps.

Developing solutions according to market needs

The Fleet management solutions provide information on driver behaviour and specific data-based assessments. These include monitoring real-time fuel consumption, unauthorized opening of doors, entering/exiting a predefined hotspot, arriving at the destination of a vehicle or downloading remote telematic data, and many more.

Over 100 specific reports

Devices mounted on the vehicles transmit data to our server. The application processes the data and displays it to the end user, in the form of reports, graphs or tables, that allow analysis and comparison of data, presented according to certain parameters.

We offer adaptable and scalable solutions and the new websites align to this upward trend. You can also find us on trackgps.md, trackgps.hu and trackgps.co.id!

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We offer our support by several tutorials designed to generate reports easily and download specific data, regardless of the fact that it is about routes, vehicle real time location or the fuel level. Find out more Află mai multe



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