TrackGPS is a complete fleet management and tracking solution that uses a real time GPS, special devices and custom services. You receive automated reports and elaborated analysis on daily or monthly tracking of your fleet.

TrackGPS provides high level custom services using GPS units, special devices, web platform and a mobile app. Features such as driver behaviour and communication, fuel consumption, eToll, temperature and humidity control, transportation security and many more.

TrackGPS platform may be accessed from anywhere, at any time, provided you are connected to the internet and has been developed to easily manage your fleet activity. Cloud infrastructure in 6 different languages: Romanian, English, Russian, French, Hungarian and Indonesian.

TrackGPS has a 10-years expertise in vehicle telematics. Our solutions are designed for small, medium or large companies that activate in industries such as Public Services, Banking & Insurances, Courier services, Road Transportation & Logistics, Health, Distribution that wish to optimize their activities and lower their costs.


6 languages
RO, HU, RU, ENG, FR and ID

10 years
on telematics




We are proud that you have chosen to trust the quality of our services.

We guarantee full security of your data, and as proof, we provide all certifications obtained over the years:


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