Secure Transport 

A fleet manager of a company that activates in the field of security and assistance usually encounters challenges such as: assistance time, efficient fleet management, decrease of maintenance costs, employees’ security in critical situations and cargo safety.

This feature provides real time information that generates special reports and also the option of setting alarms or notifications, such as: leaving a route previously set in the interface-tracking, a vehicle’s arrival at destination or an unauthorised opening of the doors.

From a technical point of view, Secure Transport feature is composed of the GPS monitoring equipment, door specific sensors and a panic button.

The sensor monitors in real time when and whether the door is opened by sending a notification to the application; this way, the fleet manager may investigate in case of unauthorized operation.

Panic button allows you to send an emergency SMS or e-mail to a pre-set addressee (for example: the fleet manager, Police department). This button can be custom made, according to special requirements and the field of business. Primary purpose of the panic button is the driver and cargo’s security, as well as immediate alert of the intervention team.

TrackGPS feature for secure transport monitoring is adapted to the needs and requirements of your activity.

Shorter intervention times and lower fleet maintenance costs

Cargo security

Up to 20% lower fleet maintenance costs

Increase productivity with up to 40%

Provide employees safety in critical situations

Efficient fleet and operational unit management

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