Trip computer data reading (CAN)

In the context of certain malfunctions, the analysis of the individual activity of a vehicle becomes critical. TrackGPS solution of reading data from the board computer gives you the possibility to use GPS units in order to monitor real-time data directly from the vehicle’s board computer (CAN).

This feature is implemented using equipment that collects data referring to mileage, the level and the total fuel consumption on the injectors, vehicle’s speed or engine’s temperature and speed.

All data is transmitted to AROBS servers and is then converted into specific reports in TRACKGPS application, such as: fuel consumption, engine speed graph, engine temperature etc.

Being able to read data from the vehicle’s board computer will get you an overview of the company’s activity, will improve your drivers’ behaviour and lower fleet maintenance costs.

Unlimited access to specific data for fuel consumption

Accurate graphics with the vehicle travel speed

Real-time updated information on the engine’s parameters

Fuel consumption monitoring

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Reading data from the board computer feature can be implemented on all vehicles manufactured after 2002 which provides data based on CAN protocol.